~A Joyful Mark ~ lines, shapes, colors, ideas...wrapped in Jesus' grace & truth!

Discover, explore, see & imagine! Teaching art, God's design & creative expression. Welcome to a unique collection of art resources for children of all ages!

"My boys are very active and high energy and it was amazing to come out and see them sitting quietly, highly engaged to the art video and following along with their drawing as they listened to the classical music." Ashleigh Piini

"My childhood art classes were something I looked forward to every week. They gave me a passion for the arts that I carry with me today as I pursue my love of photography. Carol is a gentle, kind teacher and she was always so encouraging to me and her other students and helped guide us in our art projects. She still encourages me today and I'm forever grateful for having been able to be one of her students." ~ Anna Goldney

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