Small or even smaller? Which car to choose MINI Cooper or Smart? Comparison in this case is quite difficult, because in addition to the modest dimensions, there are practically no similarities in these cars. These are representatives of different classes, different price categories, different worlds ...

Let's start with the financial side of the issue. SMART fortwo stands like a nice little car. Its contents will please the level of expenses, as this car is very modest in both electric refueling and spare parts. The cost of MINI is far from the prices for ordinary city hatchbacks. If only because he is not an ordinary city hatchback. This is a legend of the British automotive industry with an incredible charisma of the exterior, an amazing electronic filling and a powerful frisky engine. Therefore, its price is almost half a million higher.


Obviously, for Smart for two with dimensions of 2690x1557x1540 mm there is no parking problem - it is easier to park it in a big city than a bicycle. MINI with its dimensions 3821x1727x1414 mm is also not too bulky. But at the same time, five people of average build up to 185 cm tall can safely fit inside the cabin. Smart for two is suitable for two people, while both the driver and his companion must be in good physical shape.


SMART - a winner in a small class! It is equipped with super-lightweight 52 kW and 66 kW turbocharged engines to ensure its owners enjoy city trips. Mini received engines of 1.4 and 1.9 liters capacity of 130 and 190 hp. accordingly, its dynamics indicators will be significantly higher.

The British car is equipped in accordance with its value - efficiently, luxuriously, thought out to the smallest detail. There is no unnecessary embellishment emphasizing the cartoon style, every detail is functional, every stroke is in its place. The number of active safety systems corresponds to business class cars.


Mini cooper cs5 grand touring is an idol, a dream, a driving item for those who do not want to adapt to standards. He is blatantly beautiful, charismatic, allows the most extraordinary personalities to stand out. It is equally good for the city and for long trips. It would seem that SMART also attracts attention in traffic but not with the sophistication of the retro style and its amazing size. You will feel good on a brisk electric car in the urban jungle. But is it possible to go with such a partner on a long journey? Hardly! After all, he is too urbanistic dependent.